“Love the children; do what you can for them and God will do the rest.“
Mary Aloysia Hardey, RSCJ


We met all of our Plans for 2016

The casa at Casa Noble

2016 Graduates from Casa Noble


Oscar Donai Pineda from auto mechanic school.


Oscar Rene basic training in the army


Josue basic training in the army


Miguel Cruz from the Police Academy


Orlin from the Police Academy


Cristian Funes from woodworking


Luis Enrique from leatherworking


Ostin Colindres from leatherworking

Donaldo Carranza Catacamas University absent on photo day

Feed A Village Programchild


H4HC believes that education is key for enabling Honduran youth to transition to leading productive lives. We work to instill hope, independence, leadership and long-term sustainable success for disadvantaged youth. Our education efforts in 2016 included:

Humanitarian Tripsgroup

Medical Care Provided in 2016

Micro Enterprise Development and Support

Humanitarian Service Travel in 2016

Each month our teams worked, laughed, stood in awe, and then worked harder than ever.


Trip Highlights

2017 A New Year = New Plans

Our plan is simple… to be the light that illuminates a better journey for the countless forgotten people of Honduras – to protect, inspire, nurture, educate, and challenge them along the road to a sustainable future.