Change a Life - Sponsor a Child

Hope For Honduran Children Foundation believes in pursuing the dream of a better tomorrow for the many abandoned, orphaned and neglected children of Honduras. You need not wait another moment for the opportunity to reach out in kindness and make the world a better place. For a minimum of forty dollars per month, slightly more than one dollar a day, you can become a star or beacon in the life of an impoverished child and make an immediate difference in his or her life. Each sponsor helps provide food, clothing, and shelter for the child. Most importantly having a sponsor provides that child the amazing wonder that there is someone who cares for him or her.

Additional funding is needed to provide uniforms, transportation, scholarships and assistance with medical emergencies.


Click your choice of buttons below to sign up for monthly payments. Follow the few simple steps. After you've registered, we will send you a photograph and details about your sponsored child. You will also receive periodic updates to let you know how well your child is progressing. Information regarding one annual payment is available on our "Help Us" page.


$40 per month through PayPal

$50 per month through PayPal

$100 per month through PayPal

$200 per month through PayPal

$300 per month through PayPal

Sponsor a child for a full year at $500 per month through PayPal