2017 was a year of many accomplishments

Our plan was simple… to be the light that illuminates a better journey for the countless forgotten people of Honduras – to protect, inspire, nurture, educate, and challenge them along the road to a sustainable future.



The Noreen Macbean Center

At age 37, Noreen’ Macbean’s life was tragically cut short while bicycling with a club of 100 cyclists. Her beloved husband, Allen, other family members and H4HC created the Noreen Macbean Children's Center to pay tribute to this vibrant woman in a very meaningful way. The center opened in February with NoreenMacbean openingReyna Valle teaching tailoring skills to each Casa Noble resident. After receiving classes from students of the Boler School of John Carroll University, the center quickly grew to become more than a training facility. A plan was formalized and in addition, the doors were opened to a lucrative tailoring shop.



One of the most successful residents of Casa Noble –diligent, responsible, and always NOBLE. Darwin was studying at the university to become a teacher but it was definitely NOT his passion. In January after careful mentoring with volunteer Erica Fornari, he switched to computer science. In June the Corbitt family from Bellevue, Washington took him under their “techno wings” and managed to provide Darwin with a scholarship to study in Utah. Needless to say, Darwin is thriving!







Donaldo Carranza graduated from the prestigious University of Catacamas and is now employed.







After graduating as a certified mechanic, Oscar Donai Pineda was able to secure an excellent position at a large auto dealership in Tegucigalpa. He transitioned out of Casa Noble and is currently renting and expanding space in a house near our first CN home in Santa Lucia.



bryan and william



Two new Casa Noble residents:
Bryan Aguilar and William Lopez…the youngest in our ever growing family!









Education is key




Feed A Village Program




Humanitarian Trips


Donor Support
thank youOur donors seem to understand the power of their generosity and we are forever grateful. We had wonderful donor response to the September Benefit and the December Appeal. Our costs keep escalating with so many attending the university and the swell of children needing educational support in the rural villages.


Plans For 2018

include partnering with two Rotary Clubs in Honduras – expanding our training center to provide more students with computer science, English and tailoring classes. In short, making every day very meaningful.