The Hope for Honduran Children Foundation, a U.S. 501(c)(3) organization, works to protect, inspire, nurture, educate and challenge abandoned and disadvantaged youth, providing them the opportunities and skills to become self-sustaining, responsible leaders in their communities.

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Our History

In today’s world, there are millions of forgotten children needing care and protection. They are the poorest, the most vulnerable, the exploited and the abused. Honduras is a small, developing country where the struggle for human survival is often catastrophic. Thousands of innocent children live in unthinkable conditions of squalor and violence.

In desperation, teenage Honduran youth often migrate to cities in search of a better future. There, unemployment, hunger, disease, drugs, and gangs await them. Thirteen years ago while in the Honduran countryside, my husband and I found 24 abandoned and neglected teenage boys. We were amazed by their three greatest wishes for a perfect life - food, shoes and eleven pencils. Their needs were achingly clear: they were shoeless and hadn’t eaten in four days. In that moment our futures were changed forever. During the early years, in partnership with a Honduran organization, we focused on building and supporting a village for underserved teenage youth. Four years ago we created two new projects – Our Feed A Village Program through which we bring food, water, medical and educational support to five isolated mountain villages and the Casa Noble Transition Home, where we mentor youth towards a successful transition into adulthood.

Many organizations end their support of youth when a child turns eighteen forcing countless boys and girls to leave the protection of these projects without the benefit of training, a support network and a place to go. In a developing country plagued by abject poverty and a complete lack of opportunities, many drift back into the misery from which they originally fled.

The Casa Noble Transition Home is a place where youth can complete their education and prepare for their futures while learning and assuming adult responsibilities. In a culture of discipline, respect and love, Casa Noble provides a support network with safe shelter, nutritious food, and the opportunity to pursue a career path. At Casa Noble we are planting the seeds for responsible leadership in a more productive society. Located in the secure colonial town of Santa Lucia (40 minutes from Tegucigalpa), Casa Noble is currently home to 32 boys with many on the waiting list for 2017. Both space and funding is limited. Casa Noble is a long-term development program with very long-term and far-reaching benefits


Making a Difference:

The primary focus of our foundation is to create opportunities and sustainability for countless neglected youth of Honduras. We help support five impoverished and isolated communities with medical and educational supplies as well as water and food for the communities. We are working to find sponsors for each of our youth, to enhance our growing scholarship fund, and to create new micro enterprises. We are planting the seeds for responsible leadership in a more productive society. We encourage you to join us in the daily challenge of providing opportunities for a better tomorrow for the poorest of the poor in neighboring Honduras.